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"A World of Successful Leaders that are Happy, Wealthy, Charitable, and Free.....THE FUTURE!"

THE FUTURE was founded in the Spring of 2005. A committed team of successful entrepreneurs within the ACN family, of very diverse backgrounds, made a conscious decision to work together in order to create an entity of empowerment. Based on that decision, this dynamic group of marketing professionals, with vision, advanced leadership skills, integrity and focus, set out on a mission to become the most successful, charitable, multi-cultural organization ever assembled. Our mission will be satisfied by providing hope and opportunity to millions of people worldwide, and because of the winning environment that we provide. As a result of these focused efforts, our partners will become role models within their homes, communities, and places of worship.

With the understanding that what God initiates, he orchestrates. And, with the vision and mission clearly in mind, the leaders of THE FUTURE began to work on creating a workable technology that would produce the thousands of leaders necessary to produce our desired outcomes. We’ve succeeded. We are currently in the process of training our business, life, and kingdom building principles globally. Our leaders possess incredible vision; they have a superior mental attitude; the skills that are necessary to lead in any endeavor have been mastered, and our sole purpose is to serve.

OUR MISSION: "Creating a Winning Culture for the Development of Tomorrow's Leaders!"

Our cause has three major objectives:

  1. To create financial independence for our leaders. We will create the lifestyles our leaders desire for themselves and their families. Also, a drowning person can’t help a drowning person.

  2. To enrich our communities. By supporting existing, and providing access to new educational systems, we will produce the next wave of leadership in our society. We realize that our children represent THE FUTURE.

  3. To fulfill our responsibility to our Creator. We will fund non-profit organizations, provide the resources necessary to find cures for debilitating and life-threatening diseases, and finance evangelistic efforts worldwide.